Characters of which only the legs are visible; a real invitation to walk! What’s up in Paris What’s Up in Paris is an inspirational magazine for organizing events or stays in the capital. Through its 32 pages, it presents the latest openings and renovations in terms of hotels, event venues, restaurants and shopping in Paris. In order to reinforce the image of a capital that lives at night, we have opted for a “black” cover. The sales guide Thanks We would like to thank the management team of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, who placed their trust in us, and the Publishing department in charge of the project. The entire project took place in an extremely serene, serious and demanding atmosphere, all in a climate of mutual trust.

The choice to abandon

Photography in Favor of Illustration. Was Color Correction Service Not Won in Advance, Yet This Choice Was. Largely Defended by This Stainless Team. Great Tomorrow Super Demain is an Event That Changes the Way We. Look at Digital Technologies. Often Approached From the Perspective of Dangers. The Relationship Between Family, Education and the Information. Society Challenges but Does Not Offer Effective Responses to the Social. Cultural and Economic Challenges Posed by the Development of Digital Technologies. It is Also an Event for All Audiences. Super Demain Invites Professionals and Families Alike to Discover, While Having Fun. Behind the Scenes of the Media and the Digital World. The Technical Functioning of the Internet. The Techniques of Communicators and Advertisers.  Debates and Conferences. Meetings, It is Also an Event Dedicated to Professionals and Schoolchildren. Meet on March 18 and 19, 2016 at Les Subsistances. In Lyon to Live the Super Demain Experience.

Color Correction Service

Here is the visual

We designed for this event Researches Bulk Lead Upstream of the project presented above, we had started on a completely different idea. It was a photographic visual where we saw two characters crossing a tablet screen like Superheroes. Since Super Demain proposes to decipher our digital world environment, we wanted to let behind the scenes and the tricks of the image appear, in order to see that our Superheroes, are finally ordinary people. [ Thanks to Jonas and Adèle, for agreeing to participate in the game. ] After many weeks of work. We had to put the iron back to work (or beat the heart while it was still hot). Below further research. The joystick seemed to us to be perfectly adequate to illustrate the baseline ” Take power over the screens “. By referring to the first joysticks of the 80s through this little red dot, we introduced a chronological story playing on the idea of ​​yesterday / today / tomorrow echoing the title of the event.

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