During the week of the premiere of the movie “Conan the Barbarian”, was personalize with promotional images of the film. On August , the opening day of the production, the main page of the portal was “covere with a skin” (skin), and as a novelty, the “skin” was also include in the pages of each Spanish province, which never It had been carrie out on until this Aurum campaign. The “Conan the Barbarian” campaign has been a success due to the fact that obtaine traffic higher than estimate.

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More during the period of time in which the action was carrie out. By customizing the portal with this “skin”, the user could click on the images and access the website . On this page, the Internet user had the possibility of seeing the trailer of the Panama Phone Number blockbuster, as well as obtaining information about the story, the cast and the technical team, downloading icons and screensavers or viewing images of the film. Weather information, key for users and their leisure offers hourly update weather forecasts, which allows the portal to segment advertising by weather.

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This type of segmentation, non-existent to date, is a very attractive option for those advertisers for whom time is a key factor in their activity. Users, by obtaining update weather information, can know exactly what weather conditions will be in Bulk Lead their city during their leisure time and plan in advance what they will spend their free time on. If the user observes that there will be good temperatures in his town, it is likely that he will opt for plans abroad, such as doing rural tourism, going to the beach or walking through his city.

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