The truth is that you will see different ideas developd in different formats, and each one with its characteristic touch. Discover the advertising campaigns of the Eurocopa 2020-2021 From shoe brands, drinks, to social networks, they joine these European Championship advertising campaigns. The promotion of this championship was abruptly interrupte in 2020. However, the existing ones were maintaind and new ones were launche: 1.- Heineken – Finally together Who says rivalry can’t be fun.

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The popular beer brand, Heineken shows that it is possible through its advertising spot, entitld Finally together. In this video appear soccer fans belonging to Germany, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Italy, among others. The material in video format Iceland Phone Number List constitutes the central axis of the campaign. In the spot you can also see different fans who meet their rivals. The gestures seem very friendly and the phrase “enjoy the game” can be seen repeatedly , in Spanish it means, “enjoy the game” . But the reality of these friendly actions, such as giving away some pizzas, lending an umbrella or offering to take a photo, have their background. Each passionate leaves a message in support of her selection.

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Showing that the rivalry can also be entertaining and healthy. 2. Snickers–Bothlands What happens when a brand is a sponsor of two teams? Snickers has the answer, or rather, what they saw as a solution. Aiming to overcome the old rivalry Bulk Lead between the Scotland and England football teams, they launche a tongue-in-cheek campaign, calle “Bothlands” , which means “Both Lands” . The idea was base on uniting the players of both teams, putting aside their differences. Putting on a blue and white unit show, in which they are seen shaking their heads and looking slightly disappointe in the face of booing fans.

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