In addition, if the video or image is attractive, it will be one of the elements that will encourage the user to interact with the post, thus managing to appear on the wall of all their contacts. Don’t forget the links. If you nee to reirect users to another site like your official page or a specific landing page, don’t forget to include the links in the post. 2.- Define a target Knowing your target properly will help you not to take false steps when creating a promote post.

Clicks A Increase In Traffic To Your Website

For your promote post to be successful and useful for your company, it is important that you do an in-depth study of your target. Try to find out their tastes, preferences or nees and adapt to them. Pay attention to all the interactions your fans Peru Phone Number List have on your official Facebook page and try to draw conclusions from those conversations. In the end, this will give you clues as to what they are intereste in and what would be successful at that precise moment. In the same way, investigate what times of the day or week your users are most active, in order to launch the ad just at those times.

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An Impressive Unpaid Presence

Do not use the promote post as mere advertisements Just because your company pays for the publication does not mean that your customers will be more receptive to it. Users who are on Facebook are part of the platform because Bulk Lead for them it is entertainment and when they start following your page it is for that very reason. Generally, it is usually because they like the brand and because they feel identifie and connecte with the brand. For this reason, users do not want any type of promotional talk post in their news area. Don’t look for the outright sale with promote posts . Try to promote your products in an original and striking way, including offers, contests, or raffles.

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