Which would be proof of dynamism, open-mindedness, self-confidence, synonymous with energy and qualities necessary to guide others. The composition of the word, occupying the space well, shows rigor in the work and clear ideas. His signature shows a powerful will, an ability to decide quickly, a certain form of concentration translated by this bringing together of letters, and this supported and sure writing. Conformity of the feeling with the graphological analysis: 8/10 FIGHT (fight – fight) Gabor Schreier Gabor is a German multicultural chameleon, both passionate and rigorous. He was first a craftsman in signage, screen printing and restoration, then studied design.

Trilingual in German

Spanish and English, he has lived in Madrid Remove Background Image since 2001 from where he manages the Artistic Direction of Saffron (a major brand consulting agency) in several group subsidiaries; London, Madrid, Vienna and İstanbul. With his team, they guide and advise clients such as Coca-Cola, Swiss Re, Belgacom, Rompetrol, Bankinter, or Vueling. During our meeting with Gabor and listening to his presentation, we had the impression of being faced with a rigorous, structured, rational man. A real business man, go-getter and stable, not very expansive and very professional. After a short reflection, he wrote: FIGHT! By analyzing his fast, slightly right-slanted handwriting, we are supposed to detect a great liveliness and open-mindedness, mental agility and rapid sequence of ideas, but also a proof of self-confidence. His pretty G in print would reflect his taste for beautiful things.

Remove Background Image

His rather complex

Signature would be the sign of his desire to Bulk Lead create a unique brand image. Conformity of the feeling with the graphological analysis: 6.5/10 LOVE (love – love) ty mattson Ty Mattson shines with his ability to be as comfortable designing a brand identity as he is executing it . His design studio, Mattson Creative , collaborates with brands such as Apple, Billabong, Cartoon Network, CBS, Coca-Cola, Discovery Channel, DreamWorks, Hasbro, Mattel, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Universal… Our feelings while listening to Ty’s presentation? To feel our wings growing. Ty has the soul of a child, passionate. Attached to memories, he is fully in emotion and passion. , which he has always been a big fan of. He showed an extract from Amélie Poulain, where the man rediscovers his treasure box from his childhood, explaining that it is a question of turning to these memories to create.

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