In them they are dedicate to analyzing the most outstanding topics of the week and sharing ideas and practical conclusions with the listeners. They have a library with more than 700 episodes that highlight topics such as marketing practices, customer acquisition . They also talk about hiring and feedback . As you can see, they are basic areas in a company. So no matter what role you play within the marketing team, you’ll find information for you.

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They have many episodes, but the most relevant are: How China is changing western marketing practices. The right way to get your first 1,000 customers. Creating psychological safety in the workplace. 6.- HAMYAW by Hillary and Belgium Phone Number List Margo Yell At Websites Are you looking for a podcast that speaks to you openly? So the best choice is “HAMYAW” by Hillary and Margo Yell At Websites. It is presente by marketing and copywriting specialists. They use interviews to provide direct insight into the world of business, marketing, and branding.

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Those responsible for bringing this program to users are not afraid to talk about their own mistakes, or mention passing trends that are not convincing. In order to help them to obtain the results that are require. You should know that some Bulk Lead of its episodes often contain profanity from the beginning, but this does not detract from its content. They also share their episodes on YouTube , highlighting topics like brand authenticity, rebranding , pricing, list building. It should be note that the contents are basd on their knowledge acquire in the work they do for big brands. Including management relate to their own independent businesses . Among the most recommende are: Creative Failure: Our Embarrassing Stories.

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