Keyword clustering is the easiest way to optimize a single page for multiple keywords combined with a search intent. With Serpstat you can group up to , keywords, quickly and easily develop an accurate semantic core of the site. With the Depending on help of clustering, you can optimize content targeted at dozens of similar and related keywords, which will help you rank for a whole group of queries and organize the site structure in accordance with Google algorithms. The grouping of keys by search results is based on the coincidence of search goals and works thanks to machine learning algorithms.

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Aerostat text analytics will help increase the relevance of content generated by clusters and take into account the TOP- search engine results in a particular region. In this article, we looked at the meaning of clustering in the context of machine Buy email list learning and compared the results of various algorithms and approaches to breaking down the semantic core to check the relevance of each cluster created. The results indicate that SERP-based automated clustering.  Is more efficient and easier to use, and also relies on Google algorithms and is able to improve due to constant search engine updates.

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Clustering helps you think bigger about the content of your site.  Adapt to future search engine optimization conditions.Checking site positions in Serpstat. Step by step instructions Position monitoring in Serpstat: how to use Bulk Lead the tool Maxim Astakhov Maxim.  Astakhov Product/Project manager at Serpstat Many website owners and SEO specialists.  Are wondering how to check the position of the site. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Serpstat Position Monitoring tool . What useful information can be obtained from monitoring? How to quickly find out the position of the site in Google? Find out if you read this article Content. Do you track the position of the site in another service.

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