The “HAPPY-UPEC” days, the back-to-school forum of the University of Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC). This forum is a real festive moment, with concerts, shows, workshops… Its aim is to present the University to new students. In short, it’s the back-to-school event. After playing for two years with the principle of masks (see the 2012 and 2013 posters) , this year we proposed to divert the codes of the student demonstration. Here the students are provided with multicolored signs and show their pleasure in being students at UPEC. The compositions are colorful and joyful.  An offbeat and slightly provocative tone. We are not hiding the tons of diplomacy that we had to implement to validate this idea. And yet, we can’t really talk about subversive posters.

This is also a secret

Success This feeling of sincerity that emerges from this campaign! Royaucourt Abbey is a former Cistercian monastery built in the 12th T-Shirt Design Service century, which later became a Royal Abbey. Since 1964, it has housed the Royaucourt Foundation, whose fiftieth anniversary will be celebrated in 2014. Beyond the Symbolic Nature of This. Change at the Time of the Assessment and the. Projection Into the Future, Royaucourt Hopes That the Visibility Offered by This Major Event Will Benefit the. Installation of the Brand and the Visual Identity. Here is the Project We Presented. The Concept of the Logo We Propose to Create a Sign Strongly Evocative of the Place and the Spirit That Animates It. We Therefore Started With an Essential Architectural Element in This Building: the Pointed Windows. Indeed, These Windows Play an Essential Role in Daily Life. Both Individual and Social: They Are a Source of Light. Visibility, Communication, at the Same Time as a Border Between. Two Often Antithetical Adjoining Spaces, Between Introspection and Openness to the World.

T-Shirt Design Service

The fact of enlarging

Decorating the first letter of a text indeed gives a certain character and animation within the writings. An effective embellishment technique at a time when images were complex to create and especially to reproduce. But it had a very concrete Bulk Lead utility, a study showed that a drop cap significantly increased the desire to read a text, an undeniable advantage when it comes to designing a brand. The principle of composition: “The marginalias” The marginalias are the illuminations in the margin of a page of a codex or a manuscript. We propose to take up this art of the margin as the guiding principle of the compositions. A story of amalgamation By using the principle of reframing previously exposed, we proposed to push the concept to the maximum. Rather than reproducing the same image in a sterile manner each time, we propose to use the possibilities offered by amalgamation printing in order to offer a series of visuals.  of novel narration, a sort of poetic reformulation of the same story. After an inventory of the multiple graphic elements present in the abbey, we propose to constitute a repertoire of forms, of motifs which could come to enrich the graphic charter. Thanks to Michel Chassat for his kind authorization for the use of his photographs in our models.

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