Automotive Finance Transport, Travel and Tourism and Meia, eucation and Culture. In relation to the first half of , a further drop in the Transport, Travel and Tourism sector stands out . in H – ) and the recovery of Finance, which went from fifth to third position by level of investment. pricing model With regard to marketing models, the Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) continues to be the majority, accounting for . % of commercial operations during the first half of the year. Following CPM are negotiations base on Time or fixe spaces.

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Which have increase by two percentage points in relation to the same period in and account for . % of total display advertising. The Results models (Cost Per Lead, Cost per Action…) have registere a reuction of . points with respect to the Peru Phone Number first half of and represent . % of the investment. Marketing base on cost per click (CPC) has not register large variations compare to the previous year and accounts for . % of the total. . % of the formats markete in the period were Integrate (banners, buttons, skyscrapers. while Email marketing represente . % and Sponsorships and fixe sections.

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Floating and drop-down formats accounte for . % of the total. Notable, as has happene in other European markets, is the growth of video advertising ( spots , pre-mid-post roll and layers of advertising in the video player ), which has Bulk Lead registere a growth of %, now representing . % of the investment in Display formats . formats Video spot ( in-stream video ) has registere a growth of %, which leads it to represent . % of investment in display compare to . % in the first half of ( million euros vs. . ).Antevenio invoices . million euros in the first half of October , Writing corporate Did you like our article? Vote for the post comments This afternoon, Antevenio presente its financial results for the first half.

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