Google defines YMYL sites in its quality guidelines as follows: News and current events: those pages that focus on topics that could affect people’s well-being, such as politics, business, disasters, etc. Civics, Government and Legal Education: Covers the welfare of civilians, community development, local politics, voting and more. Finance: where they offer financial advice or information on investments, taxes, financial planning, loans, banking, insurance, among others. Shopping: sites for buying products and services, such as ecommerce.

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Health and safety: where there is information on medical topics, medications, hospitals, emergency preparedness. As well as safety in activities, in the workplace, etc. Groups of people: can be religions, ethnicities, disability, age, nationality, veteran status. In addition, of groups of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, among Czech Republic Phone Number others. In short, any website that is relate to big decisions or important aspects of people’s lives that may be affecte. Techniques to position your website YMYL As in any strategy, it is essential to follow a series of steps.

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Actions Or Strategies That Are Aim

Or rather, to know the best practices that you can apply to make your website effective. Having a guide will always be of great help, since it contains these techniques that can help you position your YMYL website: 1.- Work the EAT factor EAT page Bulk Lead If there is something that is closely relate to YMYL websites, it is the EAT factor and, therefore, it is important that you work on it. This way you can improve your positioning in search engines like Google, and exponentially increase your presence on the Internet. But what is this factor about? The best way to understand it is knowing the meaning of its acronyms. Experience (Expertise), Authority Authoritativeness Confidence Trustworthiness.

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