The tools are powere by the state-of-the-art GPT- natural language processing algorithm. Among the main stages of writing an article are: Research and study of the topic Collection of key phrases Structure creation Writing text Text eiting and proofreading Adding multimeia elements Filling in meta tags How to form a content strategy in FinTech: skyscraper technique + life hacks from Serpstat SEO Writing for Beginners: How to Write Articles for Readers and Google? Topic Analysis First.

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You nee to research the topic you want to write about. To do this, enter the key phrase in the search box and select the region – this way you can get basic data about the key phrase, its popularity and demand. To find effective clear phrases for Cameroon WhatsApp Number List a specific niche, use the Keyword Research report . It generates variations of the analyze phrase and you can choose the ones that the audience is intereste in. The report contains semantically similar keywords on our topic, according to which competitor sites are ranke within the top Google.

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This way we will recognize similar queries in accordance with the topic and pick up ideas for the article. For example, the topic of learning to play the guitar, using the report, you can see that in addition to learning, users are looking Bulk Lead for tips for beginners, more detaile explanations, courses, songs of popular artists in a particular region. Pay attention to the indicator of frequency and complexity in the report. Frequency indicates the popularity of a key phrase, while difficulty indicates how difficult it is to move for a particular phrase in the top . Selection of phrases in Serpstat How to assemble the most complete semantic core and conduct target.

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