Universities and Establishments in its rebranding strategy . Amue is a French public interest group that contributes to the development of the information system of its 169 members and allows them to have a plural software offer responding to their diversity. It also accompanies the changes and modernization of universities in terms of steering and management. The first documents are beginning to be printed and distributed, and it is always a pleasure to see the fruit of several months of work come out. This is the opportunity to present the final work to you, as well as the preliminary research! We’re also thrilled to find that this work caught the attention of the Brand New site . A site that is a reference in terms of Branding. It is always a pleasure to discover the criticisms and/or compliments of his fathers… By the way, do not hesitate to vote for our project in the right column on this page ” The new graphic charter On the left the old logotype and on the right the new one. As you can see, the apostrophes, strong signs of Amue since 2002, have been retained and redesigned. Rounded, and associated with a set of volumes, they thus evoke two bubbles which seem to come from the same shape.

These two apostrophes

Refer to dialogue, to exchange… and therefore to the notion of pooling. In order to enrich the graphic charter, we have created a declinable “background” principle which reinforces the notion of network, meetings, exchanges… Pictograms Illustrator Art Work To enrich the “toolbox” we have also designed a series of pictograms that can illustrate the different themes addressed by the Amue. We can then easily consider the brand architecture of the different software published by Amue. The typography Another essential tool, typography. We therefore designed, in collaboration with Matthieu Cortat ( nonpareille.net ), an exclusive typeface for the Amue. Indeed, this version allows us to easily decline all software logos. The catalog Here is the training catalog that we have just put on the page recently. It contains all the ingredients of this graphic charter… the backgrounds, the pictograms, the typo… Greeting Card Here is the digital greeting card featuring this new visual identity.

Illustrator Art Work

Researches Basically

The Brief Was Not Very Clear. Between “Evolution” and “Revolution” Their Heart Was Swinging. We Therefore Began Our Research in These Two Areas. Tracks Seeking to Pursue This Notion of Apostrophes. And Others, Totally Bulk Lead New. So Here is Our Preliminary Research. We Know That It is Rare to Be Able to Discover the “Mysteries” of a Visual Identity Project. However, We Often Learn More by  a Finalized Work. This is Why We Do Not Hesitate to Present This Research to You. Track a This Research Presents a Polymorphic Logotype Composed of Different Colored Structures. The Concept of Pooling is Found Here With the Set of Superimpositions of Elements. That Come to Form a Coherent Whole. A Titling Typography From the Logo Would Make It Possible to Deploy. The Visual Identity Very Easily on Any Communication Medium. The Typography Construction System Makes It Possible. To Generate Various Shapes and Pictograms That Will Constitute a Rich and. Coherent Graphic Charter. Here is an Overview of the Possibilities. Of the Graphic Charter on a Selection of Communication Media.

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