The MasterCard Forum was attende by people, who attende the talk “E-consumo, E-consumidor, E-Commerce” by Óscar Feito, in which he explaine the new trends in e-commerce: social, local and mobile, user-producer (the user as content creator), new content and digital services. Threadless, Netflix, iTunes and Airbnb are some of the examples of e-commerce that he cite as business models that have change traditional sectors.

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Forum Mastercard Other speakers at the event also include Mónica Deza from McCann Group, Fernando Aparicio from AMVOS Social Commerce, María Eugenia Girón from Megamcapital, Joan Vinyets from A Piece of Pie and Olga South Africa Phone Number San Jacinto from Google. The Telefónica building on Madrid’s Gran Vía was covere with the MasterCard corporate image during the event, as can be seen in the photograph. How to run a successful affiliate marketing program September , admin Marketing Digital Did you like our article? Vote for the post There are no comments Affiliate marketing , specialize in obtaining results.

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The Results With Organic Searches

Click, sale or registration, has currently gaine great importance for advertisers, who increasingly demand marketing strategies whose investment is linke to results. To promote the success of an affiliate marketing program , there are a Bulk Lead number of practices that can be carrie out: Find a niche . After defining the audience, it is necessary to determine what topics are of interest to them. Subsequently, it is also necessary to review on which web pages content on these topics is publishe, so that they can attract the audience. The fundamental thing, then, is to relate to those who manage those sites, that is, the potential affiliates. Create an attractive and appropriate offer to your affiliates, to encourage them to subscribe.

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