It is not just about placing posts and that’s it, but about generating quality leads. To do this, you need to detect which platforms your target audience is on so that you can have the expecte reach. When you know which social networks your audience interacts with, you can create valuable content to share with them. Make posts on your website, videos, tutorials, always thinking about your potential customers. So avoid talking only about your brand, focus on the problems or interests of your followers.

It Allows Knowing The Behavior

When you have a base of prospects, you can choose to create a landing page with the aim of capturing email addresses. You can include interesting offers, free trials are also a good incentive. You will see how with these strategies you will Thailand Phone Number List easily get them to leave you their contact data. But yes, do not abuse this technique because you can drive away those intereste. 5.- Work with social Ads Work with Social Ads to generate leads When it comes to lead generation strategies for ecommerce, you can’t forget about Google Ads.

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The People Who Interact With The Website

By investing in ads you can gain qualifie leads for your business. And the best thing about this type of advertising is that it breaks the Bulk Lead barrier of one-way communication. In this case, what you can do is design specific landing pages for a set of ads. In this way you will be able to capture the contact information of those who visit you. The investment in advertising will be of great help to you, since it can position you in the first places of the results pages. This will also influence your website traffic and give you the chance to multiply conversions in no time.

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