The principles of the model are familiar to many: S (specific) – the specificity of the goal, the impossibility of its misinterpretation; M (measurable) – measurability. If there is no indicator that would indicate the success of the strategy, then the goal is set incorrectly. A (achievable) – reachability. This aspect of goal setting should neutralize the unrealistic expectations that often accompany niche SEO; R (relevant) – significance. The goal should be important not only for a particular direction, but also for the company as a whole. T (time bound) – limite in time.

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For example, a site reaching the top in the transport management niche in a month is an unattainable, immeasurable, irrelevant goal, because It is not clear for what queries we will reach the top, whether these queries will lead target users to Benin WhatsApp Number List the product. But getting into the top for specific keywords relate to the product, in the top by the end of , is already an achievable, measurable, relevant and time-bound goal. ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) indicator plays a significant role in AutoBI goal-setting.

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Since it was planne to reuce the cost of attracting new customers, marketing activities were carefully evaluate. We forme our goal as follows: from ROMI in a negative value, make % per year, optimize paid traffic channels, Targeting Bulk Lead Fb, E-mail newsletters. In addition, to shorten the transaction cycle. . How to build a content plan base on the product In a SaaS business, it’s important to develop a content-driven SEO strategy, remembering that homepages should be the most relevant to the search query and earn backlinks. Such pages will help you get into the search intent better and reuce the number of inappropriate hits.

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