Not surprisingly, the Lean Startup methodology drinks from sources such as agility or scrum methodology . E.- You segment better One of the keys to current digital marketing is segmentation . Something that occupies pages and pages but that few brands execute adequately. Because everyone knows the importance of displaying the right message on the right channel at the right time to the user who is waiting for it . But there are many variables in play to achieve it.

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Buy applying Lean Marketing you will be able to create tests for different segments. And their validation will mark new paths that you will open because you have listene to them. Lean Marketing and Growth Hacking Lean Marketing and Growth Cambodia Phone Number Hacking The Lean Marketing methodology acquires all the sense relate to growth marketing . That is, with the use of a combination of programming and marketing with the ultimate goal of growing rapidly and exponentially. Also born in the startup environment, growth hacking is a concept coineby Sean Ellis.

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It focuses on the execution of many small experiments, in some cases touching the limit of legality. And for this it is necessary to group engineering knowledge but also to be very creative. Because without creativity it is impossible to achieve Bulk Lead the virality that growth marketing seeks. Isn’t it creative to send a photographer to get quality images of the spaces that are promote on AirBnb? And without engineering knowledge, this platform would not have been able to “hack” Craigslist listings to get hold of its first users. Do you want to apply the Lean Marketing methodology in your next campaigns.

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