We regularly analyze which articles have worke well for us in the past, what is trending now, and what materials are most successful with competitors. For maximum efficiency of such analysis, we use the Serpstat toolkit. Which? Now I’ll tell you. How to create a content plan and bring an article to the top using Serpstat How did quarantine and the crisis affect the processes in the eitorial office? How has the content change? Naturally, we had to completely revise the content plan for the near future and develop a retention plan.

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A significant part of the audience comes to the meia for selections of profitable air tickets, but now we cannot give them this content and must offer no less interesting content in return. According to very optimistic forecasts, international Israel WhatsApp Number air traffic may recover by the fall of , according to less optimistic forecasts, no earlier than early . What should we do with such sad forecasts? Adapt and be flexible. We have completely refocuse our content strategy on domestic tourism— traveling around Ukraine is, in fact, an uncultivate field of opportunities.

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These are new opportunities for us, in terms of content creation, and for our audience — many travelers have travele to dozens of countries, but are not at all familiar with the amazing places that our country is rich in. Working with Serpstat We Bulk Lead have been working with Serpstat for several years now and, I must say, this has significantly accelerate our eitorial processes. Most often we use the service for: search for topics that will bring outstanding traffic – in this case, you do not nee to guess on the coffee grounds and rely on intuition; competitor analysis – no nee to manually browse dozens of pages in search of top articles; optimizing old articles that are still relevant.

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