The advantage of using a plete suite to manage your business is the simplification of the process as well as the uniqueness and reliability of the data. Teams can access all important information in a single ecosystem: CRM. Invoicing, cash management, and more. The uniqueness of this tool and the advantages of centralization of data are simple: Avoid data duplication: Reduce possible errors. Especially the risk of input errors. Facilitate their adoption: Instead of training teams on multiple tools. Interfaces, and usage logic, the environment is simplified to a single tool. Not only does this save a lot of time. It also increases productivity: teams work fasterReducing the costs of developing a product and making itself known are some of the reasons why the white label concept is becoming increasingly popular.

 What is a white label or white label product

It’s much easier to track the entire  process from prospecting to invoicing on the same platform. The bridges between functions are obvious. And there is no need to juggle between multiple solutions. This unique logic has been Sellsy’s bias since its launch. The tool is a plete digital platform that bines Albania Phone Number all the tools a pany needs to grow. Sellsy helps businesses save time and simplify accounting by unifying CRM. Accounting, cash management. Sales and invoicing tools. It’s all about wasting as little time as possible on administrative tasks. Designed to help marketing, sales, administrative and finance teams as well as management focus on high value-added tasks. Something that is important to keep in mind is that Free Trial Sellsy 2 Electronic Invoicing ing Soon According to Sellsy. The second biggest trend in will be the digitization of players.

How do white label solutions work

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In France and engaged in B2B activities are now obliged to issue and accept electronic invoices by . This is clearly a strong measure that will force panies to review certain in-depth processes and equip themselves with specialized tools for managing their invoices Bulk Lead Electronic invoices (or e-invoicing/e-invoicing) refer to invoices that are issued. Transmitted and received in a dematerialized manner. And whose data can be read by humans and machines. In other words. The term “electronic” refers to a type of document that falls within the legal framework so that the authenticity. Teadability and integrity of the invoice are respected Something that is important to keep in mind is that.

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