As well as the decisions they make as individuals and as a society. It shows how technology, health, data and even games will influence the years to come. Microsoft was base on the future and the different ways that people configure them. This has always been the focus of this prestigious brand, which is why it took the opportunity to exploit its potential in the aforementione podcast. 9.- Slack Variety Pack – Slack Brande Podcast Example.

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Slack Variety Pack Offer companies the opportunity to help teams and to work together more effectively. This is precisely what Slack does in its “Slack Variety Pack” podcast , taking the opportunity to tell stories about successful companies Bahrain Phone Number and the teams that make them up. Notably, “Slack Variety Pack” fits perfectly with the brand’s goal. Which shows that beyond presenting a piece in format they are selling their brand, a good combination. 10.- The Distance – Basecamp Example of a brande podcast: The Distance by Basecamp And to wrap up these brande podcast examples, there’s Basecamp.

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The Distance This brand focuses on a narrative piece about companies that have survive and grown for 25 years or more. They make a study of what others have learne during almost a lifetime of experience. The Distance, is a Bulk Lead podcast that fits perfectly with Basecamp’s goal around project management. Keep in mind that no company can have the ability to survive if it is not well organize. As you can see, you have several options for these holidays.  Especially if you have a brand and want to be inspire by the content of others.

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