Those surveye also state their intention to purchase a tablet within the next year, as well as a high-definition television. According to the study, this indicates the growth of the trend among users, who while watching television , look for information about products, compare prices, read reviews and make purchases online , especially in periods in which advertising spaces are broadcast. Another noteworthy fact is that a fifth of users between the ages of and state that they have purchase a product over the Internet after having seen it on television.

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The combine consumption of television and the Internet now ranks second with regard to the reasons for influence when purchasing a product, after buying in physical stores on the recommendation of friends or family. Smartphone users prefer Wuhan Phone Number receiving personalize advertising over geolocation-base advertising September , admin Marketing Digital Did you like our article? Vote for the post There are no comments smart phones. Give the boom in online geolocation sites , Upstream has conducte a new study of more.

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People in the Unite States that reveals the types of advertising consumers prefer to get on their mobile devices . % of users opt for advertising tailore to their interests , and are more open to interacting or taking action on that ad. % want Bulk Lead publicity regarding offers or opportunities and only % of those surveye favor geolocation services. The mobile advertising that most influences smartphone users, according to the study, is mobile couponing , followe by advertising through mobile email, ads on a mobile website or while searching. Smartphone consumers show their interest by seeing on their devices, content ads , relate to the information that the page displays, as well as entertainment that offers ticket promotions, offers from their mobile phone providers or consumer goods.

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