The more specific you are when choosing the interests of the users, the final result will be rounder and closer to reality. 3.3.- Segmentation by keywords Types of targeting on Twitter Keyword targeting is done using the words or phrases that users search for or have use in their tweets. When segmenting, you must provide the keywords for which you want to segment , specifying whether they are phrases or words. Twitter’s system uses a high match score, which takes into account misspellings and similar terms.

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Geographic and language segmentation Twitter also allows you to choose from among its more than 200 markets the countries and languages ​​that users use. Through these segments it is possible to focus the user in specific places, achieving the Uganda Phone Number List company’s objectives. In this network you can, therefore, carry out a segmentation by country in most countries of the world, but also, as in Facebook, you can delimit said segmentation in some of the countries to carry out an individualize and granulate segmentation by region, city , zip code or metropolitan area. In addition, you can choose the language.

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Which users interact to base your segmentation on the language. Criterion adde to the geographic one. 3.5.- Personalize audiences Custom Audiences use.  Your own CRM lists to reach specific groups on Twitter. Again, this is the tool that Bulk Lead is similar to both Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Adwords Customer Match. There are easy ways to build custom audiences on Twitter . There are three main types of custom audiences: From lists. These audiences are create by uploading your own email list, mobile phone numbers, Twitter user IDs or usernames, or mobile advertising IDs. From the website. It is made up of people who have visite your website. You can get this information using the Twitter conversion pixel.

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