Project that we had proposed during a consultation of the INSA Group. The aim was to design a graphic charter for the 6 schools of the INSA Group. The INSA (National Institutes of Applied Sciences) are French public research and higher education establishments. It is the largest engineering training facility in France. Each year, they train 12% of engineers! The concept The proposed principle revolves around a minimalist typographic work evoking the idea of ​​journey, of evolution. Indeed, a visual game between the dot of the “i” at the beginning and the final dot illustrates the idea that you come out transformed from INSA. There is a beginning, a journey and an end. In other words, to stay within the lexical field of science: a postulate, a reasoning and a result. The brand architecture can be easily declined. The point being the articulation of the different levels of information. The pictograms extend this visual universe by using the “red dot” as an identity element. A titling typography is declined from the lettering of the logotype.

The project revolves

Around a range of gray associated with a dominant color: INSA red. Communication of the Spring Festival of Pérouges 2014 This year, it is Raster to Vector Conversion exactly three days in advance that we can announce Spring! And as a seasonal revival, we give you this poster full of vitamin C with all the secrets of paper fruit salad! For 3 years, we have been supporting the Printemps de Pérouges festival . For a long time, the poppy was the central object of the Festival’s communication, so much so that in 2012, we completely redesigned it geometrically in order to make it the heart of their visual identity, all associated with a Typographic brand block in Garage Gothic, making the letters dance and enhancing the festive aspect. This year, it was a question of prolonging this “minimalist and geometric” spirit without repeating itself. It must also be said that the economic stakes not necessarily being fabulous, our investment was conditioned by the size of our creative space.

Raster to Vector Conversion

From then on

It Was an Opportunity to Let Go of Our Screens, With the Profile of Paper (Pebbles). Scissors in Order to Concoct This Paper Fruit Salad. The Poppy Becoming in Passing an Appetizing Grapefruit. The Program Paper Fruit! We Therefore Bulk Lead Took Advantage of This “Paper Fruit”. Workshop to Design a Series of Visuals That Will Serve to Convey. The Identity of the Festival on the Various Media (Programme, Press Kit, Flyers, Website, Etc).  Faceted Apple. I Tell You Émile, It is a “Pentagonal Hexacontahedron”. It’s Simple, Its Faces, Uniform, Are Non-regular. Pentagons With an Axis of Symmetry, 3 Sides of the Same Length and 4 Equal Internal Angles. If You Feel Like Making One, Here is the Ready-to-cut Pattern ! For This Cutter. You Will Find the Instructions for Use Here Finally. The Essential Link to Make a Paper Fruit Salad, the Bible of Paper Polyhedrons. The Making of by the Way, Thanks to Ghislain Mirat for His Help With the Shots. In the Series of Paper Posters. We Are Not at Our First Attempt in Diy Paper.

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