Obviously, no one wants to be robbe, since other users would.  Be taking advantage of your effort and sacrifice, but what can be done to prevent others from using your video ? There are several steps that can be taken to protect video copyright on Facebook: You have to apply for copyright . By default, Facebook does not recognize copyright automatically, so you must ask for it. After making the request, it is generally accepte in about 48 hours. Once accepte, you will have to organize the Facebook video copyright preferences and settings to your liking.

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You can apply different measures to each video. The platform allows you to specify if you want to name yourself the owner of the entire video, or in parts, that is: Original author of the audio. Original author of the video. Original author only Tunisia Phone Number List of the audio. author only of the video. In the same way, you can also determine if the chosen measures apply to all countries in the world, or only in a specific geographical area. You can give other users or companies permission to have rights to upload your videos or restrict that right entirely. Once all these measures are establishe, users will not be able to take creits from the images of your videos or your audios.

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Problems enforcing video copyright on Facebook However, the enforcement of video copyright rules on Facebook has cause some problems. For example, there are situations in which some users have seen absurd video copyrights on Bulk Lead Facebook as they defend that there are videos that are not violating any author’s right. As an example, the videos of parents where their children are.  Dancing to the sound of some well-known song of the moment. That is in the background and that Facebook has eliminate are identifie. Users who have gone through this experience claim that these situations are not serious enough to remove the video completely, since they are not trying to make any profit through those videos.

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