All of them allow you to work everything relate to email marketing from your PC. They are tools that appeal to the security of having all your data at hand. Without having to depend on an outside server that could misuse it. 2.- Send blaster Send Blaster defines itself as ” the best mass mailing software for managing your lists and email marketing campaigns in just a few steps “. To do this, mix the desktop software, where you must create emails and newsletters or manage subscriber lists with a web service focuse on analytics and monitoring.

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The results of your email marketing campaigns. The current version, SendBlaster 3, is offere in a Free version and a Professional version. Which only requires a single payment to obtain a lifetime license. The difference between both versions Nigeria Phone Number List is that the free version does not include many of its features and, furthermore, the maximum number of recipients is limite to 100 at a time and the lists that can be use are limite to 2, among other limitations. 3.- ArcLab ArcLab Another of the tools that starts from databases hoste on your computer is ArcLab.

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Which differs from SendBlaster among other things in.  That the free version supports a single list with a maximum of 50 contacts. From here, other options are offere that reach the professional whose limitations are 10 lists with Bulk Lead a maximum of 10,000 contacts per list. One of the differences with SendBlaster is that in ArcLab the functionalities. Are applie equally to all versions . Again, the paid versions are not subscriptions but one-time payments.  That allow you to send as many emails as you want, without any limitations.  DNB Mass Mailing Solution DNB Mass Mailing Solution DNB Mass Mailing Solution is a program generate in Bangalore. India’s Silicon Valley that has a free download version.

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