You reduce costs If you do not apply Lean Markeing, it is normal for you to think of a global strategy. And that you do not apply it until it is completely made. The problem is that you don’t know if it will work. Is Instagram the channel in which to generate content organically? Should you create an automate SMS Marketing strategy? Do you know the type of messages that make your users loyal? You will not know the answer to these questions and many others until you put your strategy into action.

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On the other hand, applying Lean Marketing you can go step by step. This will allow you to validate each of the actions with the consequent savings in investment . B.- You contact customers faster It is evident that the sooner you know the Bulgaria Phone Number intentions of the users, the better you will adapt your strategies. Therefore, starting from various hypotheses and contrasting them one by one will help you quickly get in touch with who has to buy what you offer . The interesting thing is that you will be in contact with users from minute zero.

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What will even be an incentive to end up generating very lasting relationships over time with the clients that interest you the most. C.- You get validate learning It is one of the keys to Lean Marketing. It is not just about learning from each Bulk Lead of the iterations. In addition, the set will offer you global learning . And that, above all, it is real as it is validate by your own users. D.- You win in sped Although it may seem otherwise, the truth is that Lean Marketing will bring a cruising spee to your approaches.

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