The company has increase its turnover to . million euros, which implies an increase of . % compare to the same period in . The The group’s net profit stood at , euros, an increase of . % compare to the , reache in . The gross margin stands at . % of net sales. The Ebit, for its part, grew by . %, to , euros. Joshua Novick, CEO of Antevenio , highlights the robustness of the company: “ In a macro-economic context like the current one, we have manage to maintain the gross margin, which demonstrates the solidity of our business model.

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In addition, we have . million euros in cash to consolidate our international.  Expansion project and continue to grow organically and through acquisitions. With no financial debt and million of its own funds.  Antevenio has an intact financial Portugal Phone Number capacity to face the strategic challenges of the coming years. In this sense, the company has recently launche Coste porclick., a self-manage platform for the sale of quality clicks on Premium meia, which has an inventory of million monthly impressions. Costeporclick.

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Allows advertisers to create their own ads and buy qualifie traffic.  To achieve their conversion goals, with a high targeting capacity. The program of the Sixth World Office visits Antevenio October , Writing corporate Did you like our Bulk Lead article? Vote for the post comment Antevenio was one of the companies chosen by the television network La Sexta.  To form part of the first eition of its new program Mundo Oficina. A few months ago, a production team from El Terrat showe up at our Madrid office where they worke together with the staff for four fun hours to record the video.

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