Recently I set up a Slack channel where anyone is free to drop in links to interesting articles or sites they’ve found. These end up as inspiration for new blog posts, extra content for our newsletters and social meia, or just a way to show me issues that my audience is concerne with. The people working with you might be the type of people you want to reach with your content marketing efforts — you shouldn’t ignore them as a great resource. 8) Live in “idea mode.” Brittany Berger, Content & PR Manager at Mention habits_brittany_berger.png I think the most effective content marketers live in ‘idea mode.’

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Learn  how to come up with blog post and ebook topics almost passively — going through life with part of their mind always engage in how their experiences may translate into content topics. For example, reading five posts from phone number database their RSS reader over morning coffee translates to three new ideas on their own to-do list. They come into work Monday morning with a post outline on lessons learne from their latest Netflix binge. Of course, this passive idea creation is worthless without some organization, so effective content.

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Creators are also meticulous about keeping track of their ideas. twitter-logo.png Even if their idea collection is spread out over Post-its, notebooks, and four different online tools (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything), what matters is that when writer’s block or an empty content calendar hits, they have ideas Bulk Lead to turn to. 9) Monitor conversations with your customers. Kevan Lee, Content Crafter for Buffer’s Social blog habits_kevan_lee One thing that has been valuable for us at Buffer is making the time to listen to our audience. We do this in a couple of ways: Monitoring blog comments and social meia mentions, and staying in touch regularly with our support heroes about the conversations they’re having with customers.

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