One of the best tools that Adwords makes available to brands is Google Adwords Customer Match , an option that allows you to segment customer databases within the different spaces that make up Google. With AdWords Customer Match, you’ll be able to show customers ads base on data about them that they’ve share with Google . With Customer Match you can: Reach a new audience on YouTube by targeting audiences similar to your most valuable customers. Reach your customers or similar audiences in Gmail with personalize ads that appear at the top of their inbox.

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Get the most out of your campaigns by adjusting your bid base on information you have about customer activities on the Google search network. To do this, you only have to upload to Adwords the basic email list on which to work and with which Conduit CN Phone Number List to compare and expand the audiences in each of the Google spaces, from the search engine to YouTube or Gmail. With Customer Match Adwords it offers you an experience similar to Facebook Custom Audiences trying to know more deeply the preferences of users both online and offline.

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On the other hand, Adwords allows you to segment audiences by very different criteria such as: Keyword targeting : Words or phrases relevant to your product or service so that your ads appear when customers use those terms when searching Bulk Lead on Google. Language targeting and geographic targeting : AdWords determines to whom ads in a particular region or language will be shown base on factors such as the Google domain users are using, the search term, their computer’s IP address, or the user’s preference. language set to Google. Device targeting : You can show your ads to the right users on all devices, or show your ads to the customer when they’re on desktop, only on iPhones, or on Android devices.

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