Copy the text of the article that was previously generate in the tool.  Add the text to the appropriate field and run the analysis. The result will be ready within a few seconds. Serpstat Bag of Words tool The tool will check the frequency of use of key phrases in the text and display them in a table. This will give an understanding of whether there are words. The text that are use too often or vice versa – words that should be adde to the text or increase in number.

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If you are working on optimizing older articles. Check the text additionally through the tool. Change the source type by link, add a link to an article from your blog and get a generate report on the overspam of words on the page. From the most use Colombia WhatsApp Number List phrases in the text, you can create tags or a category for your blog articles. Adding tags to articles will help improve blog navigation, organize articles into categories, and increase user time on the site. How to create a content strategy for a travel project using Serpstat.

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Trip My Dream experience How to create a content plan and bring an article to the top using Serpstat Extraction of phrases Now you nee to check how much the generate text matches the selecte topic and what search queries it can be Bulk Lead found for. To do this, go to the Phrase Extraction tool . This will give you a ready-made list of the most relevant keywords for which you can track your results. Set the optimal settings for analysis in accordance with your tasks.  Namely: the number of words in the key phrase; the number of selecte phrases; relevance level; extracting stop words. Phrase Extraction tool in Serpstat List.

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