Facebook offers the Power Editor , a very complete tool when it comes.  To segmenting the public, since its options are many and it serves to adequately limit the audience you want to impact. In total, Facebook proposes the following types of audience segmentation: 1.1.- Custom audiences Through this form of segmentation, Facebook compares visits to your website with Facebook users . The process is carrie out by installing a Facebook pixel that allows you to identify the users who enter your website and compare the results with those of the social network itself.

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This segmentation is done automatically and allows the brand to identify the Facebook users who visit its website. It is a way of segmenting that allows you to communicate directly with.  Those users that you know are customers of your website . 1.2.- Place location targeting on facebook Place targeting can be done in two different ways, including or Find Your Phone Number excluding . When you are going to launch a campaign, you can choose the country to. Which it is going to be directe, but you can also rule out some areas of that same country, because you know.  That this public is not intereste in your product or because your company does not operate in this area.

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In contrast, you can add more users to this place targeting by adding places and regions to the previous selection. For example, if you want to work with the whole of a country, but a region of another, this will be the way to choose this region, in Bulk Lead addition to the country as a whole. 1.3.- Demographic data: age and sex One of the advantages that Facebook. Has is that it has a lot of data on criteria such as age, sex or sentimental status. In addition, these are data that each user offers in a concrete and clear way. Therefore, using this criterion you will be able to segment audiences base on their age or gender . 1.4.- Other demographic data education.

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