Seasonal – we are talking about linking to an increase in demand for certain destinations depending on the season. This is easy to track with Google Analytics. Monitoring these trends gives an understanding of which areas to include in the content plan for a particular season. For example, it is better to write about the UAE and Thailand in the fall, when people plan to buy or have already bought air tickets to these parts, and articles about European countries are best taken as a priority in spring and summer.

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The same applies to holidays – they are unchange, so we reserve places for such materials in advance. Situations – they cannot be preicte and written into the content plan in advance, this requires a reason. If you respond quickly, you get a lot Iran WhatsApp Number of traffic. Help content is content that solves a specific user problem. For example, we often take questions from the FAQ section and write detaile material on a particular issue, or we make small texts in the “question-answer” style. You can also ask users on social networks what they would like to know about.

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Reader feeback is a guarantee of content that is relevant to the interests of the reader. As for the formats, according to analytics, we are driven Bulk Lead by materials in the spirit of the “ Top most interesting places in Paris ” – such articles are excellent in social networks, and in search engines have long settle in good positions in the SERP, they consistently bring good traffic. In addition, such materials can be update, improve, and thus make them even more attractive to search engines. So it’s a long game for eitors.

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