Four out of ten mobile phones are already smartphones in Spain. This is one of the main conclusions of the study entitle “Analysis of mobile devices in Spain” carrie out by Nielsen to find out the uses and attitudes of consumers regarding mobile telephony and other connecte devices. This fact has influence the increase in Internet connections through mobile terminals , since 23% of users access the network through their telephone.

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Consumers make these connections to the mobile Internet mostly at home (67%), while traveling (52%) or while waiting (36%). The most consulte US Phone Number applications in these connections are those referring to social networks and maps. Regarding mobile Internet, multimeia messages and email , there is a notable difference in use between consumers who own smartphones (who are the ones who use these tools the most) and those who own conventional mobile phones.

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The majority of mobile phone users in Spain believe that the use of these devices as an advertising meium will continue to increase, as they expect to receive more advertising in the future. More than half of consumers also say that they do not mind receiving advertising on their Nielsen 2 mobile device analysismobile phone if it is Bulk Lead tailore to their interests and that they are open to being sent text alerts relate to special events. Likewise, they are in favor of receiving mobile advertising if the content of the communication improves. However, they are reluctant to receive advertising in exchange for lowering their mobile phone bill. Por último, el estudio destaca también que la utilización de otros dispositivos conectados a Internet en España aún es minoritaria.

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