Contextual targeting : To match ads to sites or pages base on keywords or topics you’ve chosen. AdWords analyzes the content and theme of each website for which it takes into account aspects such as text, language, link structure or the structure of the page itself. 3.- Segment audiences on Twitter segment audiences on Twitter Audience targeting on Twitter is just as important as it is on Facebook and Google AdWords. The identification of the people who can really become intereste in your products may depend on the good choice of the public.

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Messages on Twitter are much easier to lose, and it is rare for a user to go back to search for a specific message, so it is important to select the public well and choose the right moment to launch the message. Twitter puts the following 6 types Changsha Phone Number List of segmentation in the hands of brands : 3.1.- Segmentation by followers This segmentation takes into account the followers on Twitter. What it does is show your Twitter Ads to people who follow specific usernames or who are similar to the followers of those usernames.

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You have to choose well the keywords, followers, interests, audience and target that the system will use to develop the segmentation by followers. In this type of segmentation, it is important to identify the competition, brands that are Bulk Lead similar, specialize meia in the sector, influencers and similar audiences. 3.2.- Segmentation by interests In this case, the segmentation is base on the topics of interest of the users. The segmentation is base on those users of the social network who speak and comment on topics relate to the interests you have selecte. It is necessary that when segmenting you have identifie the interests that your users have , the topics they are intereste in so as not to choose categories and interests at random.

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