It will be especially useful when you have collecte semantics for the site, but have not decide on the topics of the articles. Let’s see how to use the article constructor. Step . Enter the list of collecte search phrases in the first window of the tool. Title generation for the article Then click the Generate titles button to get title suggestions. Generate titles for the article As you can see, the tool generates several options for headings and topics.

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You can choose one, or generate content for each of the topics in turn. The resulting articles can be use on other sites. Step . We generate an article plan on the selecte topic. To do this, simply paste the title into the second window of the service Chile WhatsApp Number List and click Set title and generate outline. Paragraph heading for text generation Step Get the results and generate text base on the plan. Generate article outline You can add a list of relevant phrases that should be in each specific block of text. The resulting blocks of text can be rephrase, or generate again.

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You can create multiple versions of the same text. If necessary, its uniqueness can be raise thanks to the text paraphrasing tool, which we will also talk about. But first, about the uniqueness check tool. Text uniqueness Everything is simple Bulk Lead here. To work with the Text Uniqueness tool , add an API token from your profile, select the language in which the text is written, add the text itself to the service window, and click Calculate. Text uniqueness check Also in the report you will see the addresses of the pages with which there are matches. Note! Now the tool allows you to check texts up to ten thousand characters.

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