In fact, Google says that “some queries require very recent or fresh information” since users may be looking for something current. Therefore, by offering new content on your YMYL website, you can boost your perceive quality and increase the SEO of your site. Therefore, the Internet giant indicates that those old websites that are not maintaine, are abandone or have misleading content… is a clear reason to give a low rating in terms of page quality.

White Hat Seo Or White Hat Seo Positioning

Guarantees that users are satisfid YMYL website Another of the guidelines that Google’s quality evaluators consider is the concept known as “met neds” . Therefore, your main purpose should be to ensure through your website that users Egypt Phone Number get what they are looking for. You have to analyze if the visitors are really satisfie with the content of your site. In order to ensure it, you ned to work very carefully with the EAT, because if it is low, users will not want to use your website. Something that would directly affect your goal of pleasing people.

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Which Consists Of The Result According

This is where the keyword research of your SEO campaigns also comes in, since they allow you to know the search intention . The idea is that you can make sure that you’re not just ranking for keywords, but that your YMYL pages actually deliver what users are looking for. 6.- Think more about content than monetization Some fill their Bulk Lead websites with advertising content thinking only of monetizing the site. And this is something that is not well evaluatd by the Google algorithm . Make sure your YMYL website is focuse on giving users a good experience and less on making a quick buck. If Google sees your content as more focuse on the monetary part of YMYL and less on providing value to users, your SEO performance will likely suffer.

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