At first, we, like many other airfare price aggregators, publishe on average one informational and eucational material and a couple of sellers – selections of profitable air tickets. Then they joine: news; UGC articles; life hacks; sometimes interviews. Thus, from a small blog, we have grown into a full-flege meia that helps to solve the pressing problems of readers. How to find post topics that solve your audience’s problems? How has quarantine affecte Trip My Dream Meia.

Look For New Paths With Other

It’s no secret that the travel niche has been hit hard by the pandemic. And we are no exception. The first couple of weeks after the announcement of the quarantine, there was a significant drop in social meia coverage. However, we got our bearings India WhatsApp Number in time and made adjustments to our strategy, in accordance with the current situation . Now the coverage has normalize and returne to the “pre-quarantine” indicators. Now there is an activity of the audience – in quarantine conditions, people have more free time than usual, and our task is to motivate the reader to spend some of this time on us.

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Prototypes Analyzing Each Experiment

For example, we launche the Stay Home Miles game – users receive tasks every day, earn home miles for completing them, and then can exchange them for travel prizes.Getting involve in this activity was just great! How is quarantine and Bulk Lead coronavirus (po)affecting online marketing? Planning and Analysis We analyze and plan not only the content strategy, but also the work of the entire team once a quarter. Once every three months, we go somewhere out of town or abroad for a few days to thoroughly think about what we succeee and what didn’t for the past quarter and what will be a priority for the next months.

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