School of Design  The New School she returns to the necessary benevolence that designers must have among themselves. She takes the art of murderous commentary on design blogs as an example. ” We are one profession and the whole goal is to make things better. We can’t do that by attacking each other. ” The tone, although moralizing, remains deeply sincere, [ Cut to editing ] We save you from summarizing the interventions of “Hilary Greenbaum” presenting the variations of the visual identity of the “Whitney Museum” (designed by Experimental Jetset ), followed by Rodney Abbot of the Lippincott agency presenting the rebranding of the airline Southwest , as well as the band of Grand Army whose visual identity project for the US Postal is nevertheless worth the detour. Snask, the “Abbas” of graphic design.

The day ends with

A lecture show by two Swedish troublemakers with a 7° alcohol level. This is the duo of the Snask agency . Their conference begins with a fake rap clip. The tone is set. To grasp the rest, I invite you to discover their site . At the margin The Photo Background Removing rest tomorrow between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. French time The CPU has chosen to make its three letters the heart of its new visual identity. The design and composition of these letters aim to create an impactful symbol adapted to today’s communication tools. Why this need for a new identity? The old logo illustrated an amphitheater, a completely justified symbol, but its execution made it very difficult to read at a reduced size. More commonly known internally as “the label”, the logo with fine lines faded away from the partner logos. It was therefore imperative to remedy this concern for visibility.

Photo Background Removing

In the new logo

The “c” overhangs the “p”. To their right, the “U”, in capital letters, has a deliberately stretched design that highlights it. The visibility granted to Bulk Lead the letter “U” underlines the importance of the place of the University in our society and obviously the close link which unites the CPU and the universities. The result is a blue CPU acronym, a chromatic nod to the old logo created in 1995. Graphically very rhythmic, this logo should mark the spirits and thus facilitate its memorization. This original emblem reflects the CPU’s desire to innovate and reinvent itself. Depending on the occasion, the logotype has been designed to . In this type of use, the emblem is found in a white dot in order to keep its legibility intact. This modularity makes it easy to adapt the logotype to all publishing formats, as well as to social networks and responsive websites. And what gives this new logo surrounded by its partners? At equal height, mission accomplished The event variations.

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