The days were numbered. The launch of the communication of the event approaching, the choice was finally oriented on the last research below. A Digital Supernova. After a few round trips, we ended up with the project presented above. The end result is more conventional, but nonetheless effective and certainly more explicit. During our visit to the Brand New Conference (BNC) in early October 2015, we had already sketched a first article from DAY 1 in New York , almost live from the conferences. On the last evening, Adrienn suggests finding a way to keep an inspiring and more personal souvenir than an empty notebook or the conference brochure. An autograph? Too classic. A sentence ? Too long. A letter ? Too short. His final idea: ask the speakers to write us the single word that they would take with them to the paradise of the white page, or to a floating desert island.

Armed with courage

Paper and a beautiful black pen, the adventure Photo Retouching begins. You will find here a small bio , just to know who we have been dealing with, the photo of the famous word , an overall feeling about the person during the presentation, and a graphological analysis that we had fun doing. In order not to be influenced by the personality of the speakers during the graphological analysis, this was done by a person who had never seen the presentations. The idea behind this analysis is to try to find what these words are saying, besides their pure definition. According to their style of writing, we try to know a little better those who wrote thems. We also try to see if our feelings fit with this analysis. And most of the time, yes! CREATE (create) Tom Geismar Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar founded Chermayeff & Geismar (logically) at the end of the 1950s. They were later joined by Sagi Haviv.

Photo Retouching

Pioneers of interdisciplinary

Graphic Design, We Owe Them the Logos Bulk Lead of Mobil Oil. National Geographic, Showtime, Pbs, Barneys New York. Nbc and More Recently Armani Exchange.  And in 2014 Chermayeff and Geismar Received the Smithsonian Cooper-hewitt National Design Award. Recognizing Lifetime Achievement. During the Presentation. A Kind of Perennial and Impressive Monument. Which One Does Not Dare Approach Too Closely. Adrienn Also Ran After Him in the Street. After Hesitating for a Long Time to Approach Him. The First on This List. He Thought for a Few Moments. Then Suddenly Decided to Start With “Create”. As if He Wanted to Refocus on the Essentials.

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