This advertising tool allows the promotion of different updates, either in text, photo or video format, in order to increase the brand’s notoriety and community . This type of Facebook post offers the possibility for companies to achieve a greater reach through their publications, thus reaching more followers. In fact, these types of posts appear on the users’ update wall, which makes viewing them easier for any user. The operation of the promote post is clear: you simply have to choose a post that you have already publishe and select that post to be promote in exchange for a budget.

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Facebook will give more importance to this post, increasing the views of the publication since they are shows a higher percentage than the display of organic posts which, according to the latest figures provide by the social network itself, do not Panama Phone Number List excee 10% of fans. promote post on facebook Promote post strategies are therefore base on brands publishing and sharing stories and content from the company itself with users. Therefore, promote posts appear more frequently in News Fee, making them more likely to be seen by the public. Promote posts are always labele as sponsore and never appear in Facebook’s right column.

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Deicate exclusively to Facebook Ads . How to promote posts on Facebook The strategies of the promote post on Facebook can be execute by the following roles of a business page on Facebook: administrators. Publishers. Moderators. Advertisers. Promoting a post on Facebook is a very simple process since it can be configure from a brand’s own Bulk Lead fan page. how to promote a post on facebook To promote posts from your page you just have to follow the following 3 steps: Go to a publication that you have create and click on the « Promote publication » button locate in the lower right corner. Choose your audience and budget base on the number of people you want to reach and how long you want the promotion to last.

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