The truth is that you can do it with great peace of mind since it is a fairly safe country . Despite this our advice for traveling to Belgium is to do so with a series of precautions . If you are going to visit very touristy places you should watch your valuables to avoid any kind of theft that may occur. Nor should you leave it in sight inside the car if you have decide to rent one or travel with yours. It is true that the country is in alarm 2 due to the risk of jihadist terrorism but for this reason there is a lot of security in the streets.

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to always carry a copy of the DNI or passport with you to have documentation in case of theft. With a simple complaint to the local Belgian Police you can return to Spain yes consulting your travel company beforehand. Our advice from Inter Phone Number List Mundial to feel safe and prevent the trip from being messe up is to do it having taken out travel insurance . a robbery financially covering your belongings and helping you in any management that you must carry out. Also to head to Belgium you will not have to have the vaccines against COVID-19.

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Currently they have withdrawn all measures such as quarantines or health tests for those travelers going from Spain to Belgium. Basic information to travel to Belgium Before heading to the European country we believe that it is necessary for you to know Bulk Lead some aspects relate to the scheules the plugs or the currency use in the country. First of all the opening hours are different from those in Spain since museums usually close at 5:00 p.m. even during the summer months. In the case of shops they usually close around 6:00 p.m. As for the meal scheule this is quite different from Spanish.

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