The result is the twelve minutes that can be se in the attache report, which reflect the day-to-day of this company. It was create with the intention that girls provide information about products that can only be found on the Internet and for this reason . % of users are women, of which % are and years old. On this site, users can find everything from advice to recommendations on beauty, makeup, hair care or fashion. In addition, it has an “Annex” space, where the blogger adds extra information such as the products use.

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A Forum” space, which links to a Facebook page where users discuss and participate in topics that interest them. This page has a high presence in Social Networks that allows it to reach the consumer through recommendations. Its YouTube Romania Phone Number channel has , views, its Facebook page has , fans and , followers on Twitter. With this new addition, Antevenio Rich & Reach reinforces its Women and Trends Channel , which has , unique users and million page views, where other sites such as Missespana. Wapa Magazine, Azafatasy promotors.

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Solo Moda y Compras are also found. compulsive Costeporclick. Our new contextual ad platform to generate quality traffic October , Writing corporate Did you like our article? Vote for the post comment Costeporclick. years Bulk Lead of experience at the forefront of online advertising in Spain, Antevenio breaks into the self-manage sale of quality clicks by offering a select group of Premium meia that has an inventory of million impressions per month . % of the million that were investe in online advertising in was allocate to contextual ads and search engines, according to the industry employers IAB Spain.

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