This is one of the Adwords errors that is not less important. For this reason, it is interesting to get good information from professionals before designing a campaign structure that can make you waste a large part of your investment. 3.- Null segmentation of the campaign When designing an advertising campaign, many companies have in mind to be able to attract the maximum number of users and get many visits to their landing pages. However, this blind desire to get traffic makes brands not think clearly and forget about customers.

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Throwing their investment in Adwords to waste. For example, if you have an online store that sells only in Spain, what use are possible visits from users from other countries? Those visits will not increase your sales since it is not your target Anhui Phone Number List audience. The same can also happen with the age of the users. If your target audience is people between the ages of 20-30, for example, what’s the point of impacting users in the age group over 50? Seeking traffic at all costs without proper segmentation makes businesses lose money endlessly.

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Therefore, always keep in mind that segmentation in your campaign is crucial to avoid wasting money on Google Adwords as well as to achieve greater efficiency and benefits. 4.- Use many keywords Sometimes companies also use many Bulk Lead keywords for the same advertising campaign when the ideal is to have only a few very well worke keywords and optimize ad groups and ads for these keywords. The tool itself allows you to add many keywords in a single moment with just clicking on an option but falling into this game can make you lose a lot of money. No company is intereste in having so many keywords that in the end not even users will know which keywords to associate the business with.

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