This event is calle OKR – Objectives and Key Results . At OKR, we also set guidelines for the eitorial team, taking into account the wishes: by product: launche a new feature – you nee to include materials that will train the audience to use it in the content plan and SMM strategy; according to SEO: the beach season is on the nose or the frequency of some request is growing – we write articles that will be as relevant as possible to user search queries; by seasonality: we put holidays and seasonal events into the content plan; base on historical data.

You Know Them Better

Base on our expertise, we can preict which destinations people will search for and buy air tickets at this time of the year, therefore, we take articles in these directions into work. How it works the rest of the time We evaluate daily using reports Indonesia WhatsApp Number in Google Analytics, and once every weeks we hold an analytics meeting: the whole team gets together and see what has grown or dippe in someone (meia, Telegram, organic, PPC, Direct, email, etc.) . At the end of the quarter, we display the results of the period in a report.

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What Will Be Essential To Know For Example

Data Studio broken down by key indicators and see how things are going. How to make a content plan? There is a well-known content Bulk Lead matrix in which it should be proportionally divide into informative, entertaining, eucational and selling . We also adhere to this strategy, but in addition to this division, we also distinguish the following subcategories of content: Evergreen articles that are always relevant. For example, how to find the cheapest flights , what you can and cannot take in hand luggage , what to do if you made a mistake on the ticket.

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