This date will be determine by the objectives that you pursue through your campaign. Therefore, adapt the duration of your campaign to the objectives that you initially set for yourself and you will avoid spending more money than necessary on your Adwords campaigns. 7.- Inadequate landing pages This is one of the main factors in any Google Adwords campaign. In fact, an optimize landing page is one of the most valuable elements in determining the Adwords Quality Score that decisively influences your investment.

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The higher the Quality Score, the less investment will be necessary in the same. In fact, in rare cases, one company may be investing less than another and its. Ad may appear in a better position. On the other hand, it is vital to take care of the Venezuela Phone Number List links from the ads to the landing pages since sometimes when the structure of the campaign or the ads is modifie, the links may break and users are reirecte to pages that do not exist or to Error 404 pages. To avoid this, you must constantly analyze the links to see if they are broke or not and correct them as well. this type of errors in Adwords.

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Campaigns not optimize for mobiles Today, a vast majority of users use their mobile device more than their desktop computer. Users search for information, browse their social networks and carry out the searches of their daily lives through Bulk Lead their mobiles. For this reason, Google Adwords currently values ​​positively that your creatives are prepare for all areas and screens. Therefore, you must pay special attention to how your landing page and.  Your ads behave on mobile devices, since if they are not well optimize, you will lose views.  And conversion possibilities from these users . These are just some of the mistakes in Adwords that can cause your investment to be waste. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones.

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