Place in Annemasse the Salon des Métiers de l’Humanitaire du Grand Genève.We Took Care of the Graphic Design of the. Communication Media for This 5th Edition. Sponsored by Plantu and the Ngo Cartooning for Peace . In 2014, We Had Already Produced the. Posters and Communication Media for the Show, and Above All Imagined. We Had Pushed the Concept by Associating the Device With a Humanitarian Cause, With the Operation. “1 Look 1 Euro” in Partnership With Doctors of the World. ( More Info on the 2014 Edition ) This Year the Dove is Once Again in the Spotlight. As a Sign of Peace on the Palm.

It symbolizes the commitment

Actors in the humanitarian profession, both Philippines Photo Editor on a human and professional level. “Take Your Future in Hand” Resonates With. The Visual and Reminds Us That. Humanitarian Work, Often Associated With Volunteering. And One-off Actions, Can Truly Be Part of Professional Ambitions. Individual Orientation Interviews. Employment Space, Conferences. Plantu Will Be Present and Will Give a Conference at 5 P.m. — 5th Edition of the Salon Des Métiers De L’humanitaire Du Grand Genève Saturday. November 26 From 9 a.m. To 6 P.m. – Free Admission (Friday, November 25 is Reserved for Professionals).the Webzine That Stirs Neurons the Influx is Not Just an Electrical Signal Conveyed. Along the Membrane of Neurons but the New Webzine of the Municipal Library of Lyon.

Philippines Photo Editor

Dealing with topical subjects

The influx functions as a signal, a perspective Bulk Lead of an event or a theme seen through the collections and the skills of librarians. Intended for all audiences, the influx is positioned as a neuron agitator which must shed light or deepen on local, national or international news. Our job was to design the identity and communication tools of this webzine. The idea behind this work is to design a simple, relevant and recognizable graphic system. We have therefore opted for an animated visual identity, in perpetual change, in the image of the news covered on the site. To represent the flow of the title by a progression, a reading game, to echo the experience of the Internet user browsing the site from information to an article, from a topical subject to a literary review.

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